The best way to get involved with Warren Averett, no matter how far along you are in your college career, is to connect with us each time we are on your campus and to connect with us on social media. The more we see each other and can build a relationship the better. So, be sure to check out our upcoming events to see when we will be on your school’s campus for career fairs, socials and speaking engagements. Juniors are also eligible to participate in our Summer Leadership Program and students in their early college careers can apply for our new DRIVE program.


We believe that our culture is one thing that sets us apart from most other public accounting firms and we work hard to protect it. As such, we are looking for people that offer more than just the ability to fulfill a job description. Our new interns and associates help make our team better and our culture stronger. We’re looking for A+ talent that is entrepreneurial and has a passion for excellence. When is the best time to intern? A college student typically interns the spring semester of their senior year How long do internships last? The duration of our internships are flexible but traditionally, our spring internships last from January-April.


A typical day of an internship is very similar to a typical day of a full-time staff in that department. If you are a tax intern you will start preparing more simpler tax returns and work your way up to more complex once you feel comfortable. The audit internship is similar except for the fact that instead of tax returns, you will start with more simpler parts of the audit (for example, cash) and move to more difficult parts when ready. The audit interns are mainly in the client office with their team whereas the tax interns are in the Warren Averett office for their internship. We want the internship to simulate what life is like as a full-time staff so you get the most out of it.


In the past, we have not offered summer internships due to the seasonal nature of public accounting. However, the profession is constantly changing and the interest for summer internships has increased. Therefore, we are exploring the idea of implementing more summer opportunities. As always, every situation is evaluated individually.


The duties of an administrative internship included document processing, e-filing, scanning, errands, etc. These internships can be awarded to younger college and even high school students, since accounting understanding is not required.


Yes! Although internships are a great opportunity to learn about the firm and life in public accounting, there is still a great need for additional hires.


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Of course! Our mission is to help our A+ talent thrive, wherever life takes you.